Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Just a lonely soul drifting through time
I had no certain mountains to climb,
I felt lost and alone with nothing to do
At least nothing large I wanted too.

In my life I was missing a vital part
I had no mate's love to fill my heart,
I was missing one-half of a pair in life,
To forever love and be loved by a wife.

.But then there you were beautiful one,
The heavens parted and there was sun,
Your brightness chased gray days away
And love blossomed on a sunny day.

When we met my world became new
I cannot imagine me without you,
When I felt I had nowhere to belong
Adorable you, my dream came along.

Stormy life for me was unsettled at best
Then by saving grace I was divinely blest,
You charmed my heart like a lovely song
And now I know where I truly belong.

In your loving arms I belong evermore
Together forever with the one I adore,
Two hearts entwined by love is our destiny,
Hand in hand is our journey for eternity.

I am the most fortunate soul I know
Just to be warmed by your love's glow,
You can fly me to the moon with a kiss
And your beautiful smile is instant bliss.

Just to feel you tenderly touch my skin
Or tug my ear with an impish grin
Bubbles over my day with sunshine,
Being near you turns a dark day to fine.

I don't have the words to describe the pride
That so completely overwhelms me inside
When I gaze at your sweet face and realize,
It is only me that reflects from your eyes.

There is no me without you sweetheart
In our world you are the sunshine part,
You are my heartbeat my lifetime through,
In other words my darling - I love you.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-09-09

Song title: "Sin Ti"

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