Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Suddenly there appeared before me
A striking gal such a beauty to see,
Instantly I fell in love at our meeting
As her soft hand held mine in greeting.

I met my dream at a church revival
But it should have been on survival,
The preacher taught all about hellfire
But how do I survive my hearts desire.

Such a sweet little thing seemingly pure
But hard times I was about to endure,
I fell for that cute beauty at first sight
And so began a one-sided fight.

My little cherub with a beautiful smile
Dragged me down a rough road awhile,
What seemed a rosy path to romance
Became a twisted trail with no chance.

She toyed with my feelings like a yo-yo
I never knew whether to stay or go-go,
She bounced my heart like a rubber ball
And played the innocent through it all.

She strung me out like Christmas tree lights
And only turned me on to delight her nights
But with the dawns her sweetness mutated
And she became the sour tart I underrated.

I didn't know she was a shrew in disguise
I fell for the pretty deary before my eyes
But her tempting beauty was only skin deep
And she turned my love to something cheap.

She is a voodoo woman of the highest order
So in the dead of night I fled for the border,
As she lay snoring with the roar of a chainsaw
I caught a bus to Mexico and became an outlaw.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-14-08

Song title: "Under Your Spell Again"

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