Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Special Delivery

She was a sweet fun loving gal
And every bodies good-time pal,
Kind of like the girl next door,
A perky thing so easy to adore.

She was a beauty shop operator
But just a plain common tater,
The little dear was barely a cutie
And for sure no ravishing beauty.

Good men paid little attention to her
Romantic interest would not stir,
Though she gave that come-on smile
They lingered no more than awhile.

But she had dreams of a happy life,
Her most precious was to be a wife,
Clinging to dreams and a wedding plan
She wished nightly for the right man.

She dreamed of a perfect marriage,
A curly haired baby in a carriage,
A good loving man to treat her right
And keep her warm on a cold night.

Then one fine day at the beauty shop
It was time for the mailman's stop,
But the usual didn't deliver the mail
That scoundrel was locked tight in jail.

She greeted him in her usual style,
Flashing the new guy a pretty smile
And in a moment they won't forget,
They were in love as their eyes met.

Love was in bloom all over the room
She knew she'd met her awaited groom
And the beaming postman trusted fate,
He knew she'd be his lifelong mate.

That Christmas Eve he delivered a ring
And as her joyful heart began to sing
From his knee he asked her to be his wife
And vowed to love her, the rest of his life.

She still operates that little beauty shop
And everyday her husband makes a stop
For a delivery the postman wouldn't miss,
Around noontime he gives his bride a kiss.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-25-08

Song title: "Lovin' Is Love"

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