Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Everyone thought they knew you well,
You were just swell to hear anyone tell,
None suspected beneath your nice shell
Seethed emotions breathed in from hell.

I knew you completely or so it seemed,
Of our grand wedding I often dreamed,
I was so sure I knew your soul through
After all, I fell foolishly in love with you.

I promised to love you forever as we wed
But like the trust in me that vow is dead,
When the honeymoon was over so was life,
My happiness ended as your abused wife.

I remember the first unkind words spoken,
They began a long chain of pain unbroken,
Day after day your menacing tirades grew
And listening I realized, I never knew you.

It seems only yesterday you twisted my arm
Then justified it because you meant no harm,
I relive the day you threw me to the ground
Then deeply apologized for shoving me down.

Then one day enraged you slapped my face
Screaming that I was a complete disgrace,
Cursing me unmercifully you ran out the door
And left me broken and weeping on the floor.

Black and blue became the colors of makeup
And dear friends pleaded with me to breakup
But I hoped you would come to your senses
And with time we could mend love's fences.

As your puppet I danced in a marriage lost
And every shred of my dignity was the cost,
A pawn cowering in dread as you came near,
Your fool who dreamed of escaping the fear.

It was me who regained senses on a midnight,
As you slept in your drunkenness I took flight,
That was a long time ago and it will be longer
Before I can face my fears feeling stronger.

You turned my heart to cold stone, dark-heart
And I held on terrified as you pulled me apart,
I'll never be the loving person I used to know,
You've finished all I ever was, heart and soul.

I hardly go anywhere or speak to anyone at all,
I will not answer should a man come to call,
I feel safer wrapped in my hardening cocoon,
Fear has made a shelter of heart pieces strewn.

On a good day I cry and cower by the hour,
Even though I've prayed to a higher power
The horrible flashbacks will not end or fade,
Life is through because of you--I am afraid.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-08-09

Song title: "Hanya Untukmu"

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