Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


I could almost touch the stars it seemed
When like a vision I have dreamed
You appeared out of the moonlight glow
And ever so softly, simply said hello.

Your hello so long ago changed us forever
And like the stars we'll always be together
On a slow walk of happiness through life
Entwined evermore as husband and wife.

Two lonely hearts met on a starry night
And for hours talked in pale moonlight,
We spoke of life, of love and happiness
And in tears you whispered of loneliness.

I know how lonely life can be you see,
My loneliness has seemed an eternity,
I thought lonely was how life would stay
Then you fell from the Milky-Way.

A lonesome couple met on a moonlit shore
And became friends and lovers evermore,
Two soul's woven tightly by loving devotion
Became one with one kiss by the ocean.

I could never explain how deeply I love you
The oceans would dry before I was through,
No words are written that could ever portray
How I adore you more with each passing day.

No love song beautifully sung can reveal
The complete satisfaction Inside I feel
As I look at you, no matter where or when
And fall in love with you again and again.

You are my sun, the moon, my roses in July
You are all things beautiful under God's sky,
You are the bright sparkle in twinkling stars,
A perfect picture of love, that's what you are.

You are the extraordinary in my ordinary,
The happiness in my world once dreary,
The light in my life that makes me whole
And I love you with all my heart and soul.

It is said all things are possible but that's not true
Because I can't describe how much I love you,
It's impossible for me to explain away the glow,
When I know you love me too, heart and soul.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-20-09

Song title: "It's Impossible"

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