Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I had a love 'in sweet baby, now I don't
I want her to come home, but she won't,
Baby's gone for good, I think for sure,
I got the fever and she's got the cure.

I'm lovesick and got the miseries bad
I gave honey a lasting state of mad,
She took everything and left me a frown
And she can't be found around this town.

My bluebird of happiness has flown away
Oh! Lonesome me, oh cheerless day,
Life's hard, I'm a discard, I been rejected,
Alone I moan, feeling sad and dejected.

I got it bad and that ain't good for a man
I guess Baby didn't understand my plan,
My plan was not get seen doing wrong,
Who knew she would just happen along?

I was caught with lipstick over my face
And I thought I had a good hiding place,
I was caught red-handed with nothing to say
Except I'm sorry as she hotfooted away.

It took a short time to leave this dog alone
But sweet peach will be a long time gone,
I'd feel better with a letter or telephone call
But I think I won't hear from Baby at all.

I'm sunk in low-down deep misery blues
My woman's flew and I ain't got no news,
I've heard no word of Baby's whereabouts,
And a notion I'll find her is met with doubts.

I did wrong and I'm paying the price for it
I strayed and my ladylove in a huff split,
She flew leaving me only debts and regret,
I can pay that owed but I'm ashamed yet.

If you see baby, please ask her to come home
I ain't had no love 'in since she's been gone,
Tell her I'm sorry for the wrong I've done
And she'll always be my Baby, the only one.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-07-09

Song title: "Little Red Rooster"

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