Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Joe crossed the Rio Bravo into Mexico
To buy broncos at old Juan's rancho,
There he met the maiden in his dream
Wading in a shallow rippling stream.

The Señorita was a beautiful vision,
Prettier than a dream may envision
And when the barefoot girl said hello
She lassoed the heart of Cowboy Joe.

Love bloomed for Joe in a heartbeat
He loved the Señorita with bare feet
And there in an instant by the stream
She had met the cowboy in her dream.

The handsome young caballero spoke
And she fell for the smiling cowpoke,
Their fate was pledged that grand day
As two hearts met down Mexico way.

On a bright day wading in cool water
Joe met old Juan's adorable daughter
And each day they were never apart,
Though it was breaking Juan's heart.

His princess loved young Cowboy Joe
But he lived North of there in El Paso
And Juan feared Joe would take away
His beautiful Maria one dreaded day.

One evening in a glorious sunset glow
On the veranda sat her and young Joe,
They told old Juan of a wedding planned
And Joe ask for his daughter's hand.

Will you take my daughter away Señor?
Will you take the joy in my life I adore?
With tears Juan pleaded of Cowboy Joe
Not to take his Maria North to El Paso.

Maria kissed away her father's tears
Then whispering took away his fears,
"We will live here in the land of the sun,
You will not lose me, but gain a son."

And so Joe and old Juan bonded as one
Joined in friendship like father and son
And beautiful day's down Mexico way
Juan can be seen with grandkids at play.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-23-09

Song title: "Carmen"

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