Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

There sits their picture by the bed
Taken so long ago when they wed
Their youthful faces merrily beam
As they began living their dream.

Pictures of children grace the wall
Three beautiful little darlings in all,
Precious treasure's appear to stare
At mother crumpled in a chair.

Clinging to the tiny cross at her breast
Grieving she waits for his eternal rest
The hope of dreams fade as his breath,
The promise of love lies near death.

In the gloom of a once bright bedroom
Where they lay as bride and groom,
Where they planned each new tomorrow
She sits softly weeping in sorrow.

The clock keeps rhythm with her heart
Loudly ticking as her world falls apart,
She lifts her eyes to the children's stare
And sobs for the burden they must bear.

Moonbeams fade out the open window
Swollen eyes watch her faint shadow
Her silhouette is slowly withering away
Taking the happiness meant to stay.

She lay a trembling hand on his brow
As if to say goodbye my love for now
Then crying she bent too kiss his cheek,
Her dream, her love who lies so weak.

A whisper barely heard came from his lips
So tenderly he kissed her fingertips,
Darling I have loved you my life through
And forever I will always love you.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-07-09

Song title: "I Will Always Love You"

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