Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I came boldly by with her in my eye
Nearing slowly with softest sigh,
Proudly I pranced before green-eyes,
Then pausing, my sigh became sighs.

Choice was not mine before splendor
In her glory I was fast to surrender,
I am spellbound by eyes of sea-green,
So charmed by her as none I've seen.

In only a breath my heart was taken,
Love's of the past quickly forsaken
Green is the color of new love's eyes,
Signs of love are my yearning sighs.

Her hair hued as ripe wheat in the field
My destiny is cast my fortune sealed,
Flaxen locks shiny in sunlight glinting
Fires up passions inside now relenting.

Perfection those lips with palest of blush
Thoughts of a kiss lend my pulse a rush,
Her lips parted as if to speak and I wait
But no whisper came from heaven's gate.

This instant seemed a lifetime as I stood,
A flash in time I would live over If I could
I adored this woman with alabaster skin,
This vision of beauty with dimpled chin.

Fanciful thoughts swirl of possibilities
Pangs of passion cloud sensibilities,
In a dreamy mind I imagine an embrace,
In a fleet dream I kiss her angelic face.

Startled to realness by the angel's voice
Though I'd have lingered given choice,
In that magic moment I heard her speak,
My heart pounded and knees grew weak.

Do I know you? Lovely green-eyes inquired,
Her voice held everything I've ever desired,
No, was a fool's answer that broke my heart
And into the crowd I watched love depart.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-24-09

Song title: "Dusk And Dawn On Skye" (Isle of Skye)

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