Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Times are many in loving embrace
I kissed tears from your lovely face
Before sailing away across the sea
And in loneliness you pined for me.

In the lane of your father's home
I promise nevermore will I roam,
I vow never again to sail the sea
If you will be wedded to me.

I will ask your father for your hand
If only aside me you will stand,
Let life's journey begin together
Laced by love's promise forever.

Darling will you not go with me?
For in your grace I yearn to be,
Can you not find it in your heart?
I cannot bear it should we part.

Sweet bonnie blue eyes say yes
Marry in that white frilled dress,
Flee with me to the billowing sea,
Quieten the longing in me.

Fair maiden I have loved you long
And I have made our bright home,
Will you come live by the seashore?
With love I cannot offer more.

No treasure can I lay at your feet
None would do for one so sweet,
Jewels pale before your splendor,
Purest gold it's worth surrender.

Loving devotion unending I give
I will adore you as long as I live,
Desire for you ever blooming will be,
Our love will ever flower by the sea.

My heart shown before you I kneel
With ring offered I plead you seal
Our betrothal to wed within this spring
Love of my life do you accept this ring?

The rhythm of my heart pounds in my chest
From Heaven afar I am divinely blest,
That one word "yes" flows from you lips
And a lifetime of love is at my fingertips.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-11-09

Song title: "Sweet Rose Of Allandale"

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