Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

If living has become unbearably dull
And about the lackluster you mull,
If your mind with boredom is laden,
It's time to find a cute little maiden.

Hanging out with the guys gets boring,
Your craving for excitement is soaring,
If your life is just one big bowl of bland
Take some dad's little princess in hand.

Whether out to dine or a drive-in show
Take a her with you wherever you go,
Your drab life will never be the same
It'll be perked up way beyond tame.

Sit a little her by your side for a ride
It doesn't matter where you decide
Just take her with you on every jaunt
She brings all the thrills you want.

Put a her in your life for some spice
You'll find the taste of joy quite nice,
For awhile you'll be dazed by her ways
But she'll surely sweeten your days.

Keep a her by your side every night
Her company is a bachelor's delight
And as each date ends with the miss
You might get a long sugary kiss.

If your happiness cup is drained out
And living is nothing to brag about
Entice a nice her to fill your arms
And be delighted by luscious charms.

Keep a little dear with you near in life,
Take a bonnie beauty to be your wife,
Drop your old ways for the love of her
And life will be a long contented purr.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-27-09

Song title: "From A Jack To A King"

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