Any words of a perfect kind
Will not easily come to mind
So I trust one small word alone
Too make my feelings known.

Honestly speaking from my heart
In my life you are a special part,
A precious part I never want to lose,
For you the word love I choose.

Love is a friendship that endures
Love is a good heart like yours,
Love is the times you just listen
Then make a dreary day glisten.

There aren't enough flowery ways
To say how you lighten my days
Whether I'm joyful or feeling blue
It's a sunny delight talking to you.

Love is a bright rainbow after rain
Love is consoling a friend in pain
Love is sparkling dewdrops on a rose
Love is our friendship that grows.

Love is a blazing sunset over the ocean
Friendship is our unending devotion
Love is a baby the moment they are born
Love is soothing a friend who is forlorn.

Love is all things beautiful under the stars
Like this beautiful friendship of ours,
Having you as my alter ego is a pleasure
And a relationship I will always treasure.

We have become friends over the years
Through amusing times and some tears,
Thru it all you gave life a brighter view,
I think love my charming friend, is you.

~*~ Love Is ~*~

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-12-09

Song title: "Her Name Is Love"

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