Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I'm a small towner with a brain too match
So dumb when I itch I forget to scratch,
I used to believe I was just an average Joe
But my shortfall of smart is far below.

I had no clue what to do with a city girl
Like the minx that took me for a whirl,
She took this chawbacon on a wild ride
While I hung on all dewy-eyed.

I had nothing to do but work everyday
Then a flirter came sashaying my way,
Pretty as a picture and stacked compact
She knew how to fool, she knew how to act.

I fell in love and she pretended the same
And soon I asked her to share my name,
She agreed to marry but I can't say why,
After the honeymoon she went bye-bye.

I had a sugar-baby that treated me bad
She made me feel good than left me sad,
For a time my good-time was occupied,
My love-life was deliciously satisfied.

Matrimony to her was just a lusty little fling
Before she took my money and diamond ring,
That vixen vanished like smoke into thin air
Leaving me lonely and my pockets bare.

I miss the taste of wild honey on my lips
And I long for those luscious curvy hips,
Her caresses were as heady as a fine wine
But my fugitive bride was no love of mine.

I have nothing to do and lots of time to do it
And I admit I miss her more than a little bit
But my boring life is back to normal today,
I'm lonesome but lucky she winged away.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-07-09

Song title: "Nothin' To Do"

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