Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

She lay her quill down at midnight
Staring into the glow of lamplight
And wearily brushed her brow,
It is finished now.

Sighing with trembling fingertips
She wiped the tears from her lips
Then slumped and closed her eyes,
Waiting for the sunrise.

Fleeting views like shadows dim
Race through her dreams of him,
Feeling his touch in dreams flown
Her quickened breath a moan.

Fretfully drifting through the past
Pictures flash but will not last,
Vague dreams like wispy ghost flee,
His face she cannot see.

Where are you? She screamed
Was the cried question dreamed
But the emptiness will not be filled
By a smile forever stilled.

Startled awake by the cock's crow
She gazes at the window aglow
The softness of dawn has arrived,
One more night survived.

Stiffly she rises pulling on a sweater
And gingerly picks up the love letter,
Teardrops stain a very long goodbye,
There is a soft sigh.

Things forgotten to say now in a chest
She climbs the knoll where love rest
And sat on a stone by a cross of white
Reading to him until nearly night.

At twilight's last gleaming she arose
And over her love's breast lay a rose,
She placed the love letter into the box
And buried it by his flowering phlox.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-27-09

Song title: "At The Wishing Well"

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