Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I was sure I could never love another,
Never would I trust another lover
My dark place embraced loneliness,
I harbored no dreams of happiness.

Once I loved but was forsaken by him
And the light in my spirit burned dim,
I thought the darkness may soon pass
But I was shattered like brittle glass.

Like leaves in the wind wildly scattered
Pieces of my broken heart lay battered
And loving another was never going to be,
Then came a light in the dark before me.

You came softly as a soothing sea breeze
And when you said hello I sensed ease,
There was solace in a voice that pleased
And a twinkle in your eyes lightly teased.

Never would I believe anyone anymore
But there we were at the misting shore,
I listened trusting your every soft word
As if they were the first I'd ever heard.

We talked for hours into the twilight
Then dinner by flickering candlelight,
A slow stroll in moon glow by the sea
Was the start of a bright life for me.

With love you healed my bruised pride
And aroused emotions I felt had died,
You put together the pieces of my heart
That were carelessly scattered apart.

I thought I would never again feel alive
But a broken heart can survive,
In your love my darkness is forever lit,
I lost my heart and you found it.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-06-09

Song title: "I Will If You Will"

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