Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I am a victim with conflicting emotions confused,
The one clarity in mind at this time is, I was used
Or perhaps two things ring true in my hazy mind,
I see nothing at all ahead and only sorrow behind.

Though abused and left lying in a pool of sorrows,
Though broken I am not lost I know my tomorrows,
It's cold and lonely in this dark place but I see clear,
No one will hurt me, mine is the only shadow here.

A bridge keeps me from the new or visiting the past
I'm frightened to try again for a love that may last
And so I stand on the span between hope and despair
To cowardly to crossover or look back at our affair.

The abyss below me is bottomless so I don't peer down,
What good to look when no lasting love will be found,
The endless stormy skies above harbor no love I know,
Because of what you did, I'll never again feel that glow.

The pain is constant in this place where I hide my face
In the middle of my bridge there is no saving grace,
Old wounds have healed but my heart will never mend,
The hurt won't end, not if I had two lifetime's to spend.

I don't wonder why you savagely tore my life apart
Or try to explain away my bitterness or broken heart,
The cold reality is, what is done is done and you're gone,
That is the only brightness in this darkness with no dawn.

I was your pawn and you were spawned from hell I believe,
Only a dark soul could disguise such lies meant to deceive,
I was so naive I fell for your unnatural charms like a child
And like a mild beaten child I suffered because you are wild.

A heartbroken woman alone and afraid is what you made
I laid bare my heart and soul and paid while you played,
You cruelly left me naked on this bridge with a dark view
Wanting to feel alive but afraid to, I hate you but I love you.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-08-09

Song title: "Orfeo"

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