Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

~**~ I'll Be Seeing You ~**~

I'll be seeing you again someday
You'll come home too stay,
Darling when your time is through
I'll be waiting here for you.

I'll miss you each moment I'm awake
I'll miss you every breath I take,
I'm not me without you sweetheart
And it broke my heart to part.

Someday I'll see your smiling face
And we'll meet in loving embrace,
One happy day you'll fly home to me
And a forever embrace it will be.

Until I can hold you in my arms someday
May God keep you from harms way,
May God protect you now and evermore
And bring you safely from that far shore.

I will see you in a crowded room
I'll see you where roses bloom
And when I wish on a shooting-star
I'll be with you wherever you are.

I'll hear your voice in every love song
I will miss you when nights are long,
I'll hear your soft whispers in dreams
I'll miss you as the sunrise gleams.

I will see you in our favorite places
I'll see only you among the faces,
You will be with me everywhere I go,
I am ever in loves unwavering glow.

As long as there are stars in the sky
As long as the restless seas never dry,
Our love story will carry us through
And until I hold you, I'll be seeing you.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-30-09

Song title: "I'll Be Seeing You"

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