Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I told you on prom night that I love you
Before the last slow dance was through,
I held your hands and knelt to the floor
And ask you to be my wife forevermore.

I said I'll love you forever as we were wed
And we spoke of love in our wedding bed,
Words that will ever live on in our hearts
As two lives entwined into matched parts.

Our devotion has grew as the years have flew
Each day it blooms anew with a brighter view
But as I think back through those good times
I have forgotten to say I love you sometimes.

I've whispered I love you as you lay sleeping
And beneath where the willows are weeping,
I've said I love you where the meadowlarks nest
And shouted I adore you from the mountain crest.

Where the waterfall drops to the stream below
I have remembered sweet loves enduring glow
I've said I love you where the river runs through,
Spoken often alone but I should have told you.

Have I told you lately that I love you sweetheart?
How my world break apart if we should part?
Have I told you heart and soul that I adore you
And darling I will until my last breath is drew.

My loneliness would never end if I should lose you
No worse hurt a broken heart could go through,
There is no me without you to wake up to each day
My world would fill with darkness if you went away.

The seasons of our life will pass to soon I realize
But never the clear reflection of you in my eyes,
My love for you dear is unbending and unending,
Forever two hearts in love perfectly blending.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-07-09

Song title: "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?"

Performed by: Floyd Cramer

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