Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

As I listen to the gentle surf splash
Newly formed memories flash,
It was not long ago by chance
Our romance began with a glance.

Stardust seemed to sprinkle the bay
The moonlit night you came my way,
A fairytale kind of magic filled the air
As our glance became a stare.

Our budding love began as we talked
Enchantment bloomed as we walked,
Kissing was the natural thing to do
As a starry night turned morning blue.

By the bay love filled two empty hearts
Now our shadows are never far apart,
Though it was only a season ago we met
Our destinies seemed divinely set.

Could I be rushing new love to soon
As I gaze thoughtfully at the moon,
I wonder as stars sparkle over the bay
If my haste may frighten you away.

For your birthday I gave you a locket
And now I have a ring in my pocket,
An engagement ring of precious stone
And I'm wondering if you'll slip it on.

Uneasy in soft moonlight waiting for you
Again I rehearse my proposal through,
Any moment now you'll smile before me
And I will be down on bended knee.

You come rushing with a warm embrace,
The glow of desire lights up your face
And I know what your answer will be,
In sparkling eyes I see your love for me.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-13-10

Song title: "And I Love Her"

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