Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
I Will Love You Till Eternity

A picture of perfection you are
And I've loved you from afar
Now fate has joined us together
And it will be this way forever.

I've loved you always it seems
Even nightly in my dreams
And every day I walk this earth
I will prove to you my worth.

A past love hurt you sweetheart
He left taking your life apart
But his kind I would never be,
I will love you eternally.

To take his place I wouldn't try
His harsh ways made you cry
And the one thing I will never do
Is bring heartache to you.

I'll never desert you darling
Or cause emotional scarring,
I'll love you till Heaven I ascend
And even then it won't end.

I have loved you this way always
And I promise for the rest my days
To show you how much I truly care,
This vow I've sworn in prayer.

I'll be striving day and night
To make our future bright,
We'll have that beautiful life,
Hand-in-hand husband and wife.

The reason I am here is clear,
I was born to love you dear
And when my time is through
I'll go to glory loving you.

I would give you my last breath
And honey even then after death
I will love you beyond my grave,
Then love forever is what I gave.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-25-10

Song title: "I'll Go To My Grave Loving You"

Performed by "The Statler Brothers"

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