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Faded Rose by Kenneth J Ellison

He came her way in May
And by autumn fled away
Only lingering for desire
But never quelled the fire.

Passions rule her heart
So much of her a part,
A brief encounter is gone
But her desires burn on.

The wish was to know him
on a lonely spinster's whim,
So charming his boyish style
That amused her for awhile.

Her desire for him ran deep
But he wasn't a love to keep,
A young man would never stay
With an elegant lady so gray.

She thinks of being softly kissed
As he vanished into autumn mist,
She stares into December rains,
The memory of embrace remains.

The blush leaves the fading rose,
So too her rosiness slowly goes,
A young man held the fading rose
Leaving the memory that glows.

Sprightly moving in elegant grace,
Strolling with a smile on her face
She recalls a secret no one knows
Of a young man who chose a rose.

The romance with him half her age
If written would only fill one page,
Briefly sunny were the lonely days,
Beautiful the memories always.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-12-10

Song title: "Memories"

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