Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I've been working nine to five
To keep the hive queen alive
And the little brats that are his
With scant pay from my biz.

Why I married her I can't say,
I thought I knew on that day
With a brood of five by her side
That evil nag became my bride.

Our honeymoon was bitter sour,
She proved which has the power
I splurged on a grand cruise ship
And she added her mom to the trip.

Mayday was every day that week,
I was barely allowed to speak
And I had no luck being romantic
As we three sailed the Atlantic.

Back home again deep in the south
The attack began from her mouth
She gave me a daily tongue lashing
While her devil eyes were flashing.

Leftover love for her went crashing
While my feelings she was trashing
But the day she broke the last straw,
She moved in my mother-in-law.

With a mother-in-law risen from hell
My place was no place I wanna dwell
And with monster stepchildren about
I was madly looking for a way out.

I wondered where the bride went I wed
As she snores beside me in a cold bed,
Through the wooing she was so sweet
Now a hardhearted gal is under the sheet.

I will see a lawyer tomorrow for sure
A harum-scarum life I can't endure,
She'll get it all with a lasting grudge,
Her first cousin is the divorce judge.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-04-10

Song title: "Seven Spices From The Land"

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