Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Your soft skin warmly glows
Before the hearth's coals,
Pretty eyes hold embers light
As I return to another night.

I stare as you brush your hair
A vision of loveliness so rare
And precious memories tell me
Of a starry night by the sea.

Hand in hand on the seashore
We were paired forevermore,
That summer moon's pale glow
Brought us to winter's snow.

Like a fairytale coming true
Two wishful dreamers knew
Happiness was theirs to claim
As love kindled desires flame.

Spirits entwined in moonlight
On a charmed starry night
And long before the dawn mist
Destinies joined as we kissed.

Our wedded paradise is small
We need no one else at all,
In a perfect world lost to others
We live as lifelong lovers.

In December's soft falling snow
In the warmth of the fires glow
I watch as you brush your hair,
There is romance in the air.

Perfumed candle flames flicker,
My heartbeats grow quicker
There is a sparkle in your eyes,
The night holds no surprise.

You smile at me across the room,
A passionate night is in bloom
And there in dancing candlelight
We relive that starry night.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-21-10

Song title: "Rindu Ngana"

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