Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

We met in the fade of winter weather
And till cheery blooms were together,
I believed our story an amusive blur
But it was not so lighthearted to her.

Brief but intense was our love affair
Of torrid nights and days of dare
And I was charmed but wasn't staying,
She was loving while I was playing.

She spoke of love as eyes glistened
And I wish I had carefully listened
But I hushed the sound of her voice,
Love was speaking, I had a choice.

I was a ladies' man on a wild spree
Her need of love was troubling me
So I traveled away with no goodbye,
I'm sure for years she wondered why.

I miss her as loveless years tick away
And I feel her soft caress yet today,
Years flew and I can still see her face,
I hear her voice from my lonely place.

If I'd taken time to know her better
Or a few moments to write a letter
If only I'd called her on the phone
Perhaps today I wouldn't be alone.

So often I swore I'd go back someday
And find her and let love find it's way
But a heart is fleeting when not taken,
I shunned her love and am forsaken.

My love for her took years to bloom
And I lie awake in my cold bedroom
Wondering how brilliant life would be
If she were snuggled close to me.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-12-10

Song title: "Untuk kita renungkan"

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