Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


A nighthawk cry echoes from afar
As they settle by the crackling fire,
Crickets begin their nightly singsong,
He pokes the fire with a prong.

As the setting sun melts into the lake
They have tea and applesauce cake
And speak of things only lovers know
As firelight reflects on the window.

Two age-old rockers creak to and fro
In harmony before the hearths glow,
Firelight shadows dance over the wall
As sweet memories they recall.

Keepsakes of a lifetime fill the room
Gathered since bride and groom,
Picture albums recount their life's story
And Bibles there tell of eternal glory.

Everlasting happiness fills the air there
As they squeak their old rocking chair
Laughing at things each remembers,
Gazing contentedly at glowing embers.

A clock on the mantle rings out a chime
Telling the lovers it's near bedtime
But before they bed down for the night
They will stroll under the moonlight.

Old lovebirds have lived a life of bliss
Since they shared that first tender kiss,
And falling in love was the easiest thing,
Followed with a honeymoon fling.

They moved into their home long ago
As winter gently laid it's first snow,
Their life of happiness began to unfold
As he carried her over the threshold.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-21-07

Song title: "Ramona"

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