Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I cannot face tomorrow's sorrow
With only a memory to borrow,
New days aren't good beginnings
When they hold bitter endings.

My love, my friend has died
And in Heaven does bide,
The suffering I cannot hide
Through the tears I've cried.

Though it was his passing time
I was not prepared in mind,
So young was our married life,
So young his widowed wife.

Through the first saddest days
I cannot count the bad ways
My aching heart was shattered,
I have lost all that mattered.

Now bitter reality has begun,
I suffer as the forgotten one,
The anguish buried deep within
Claims me body and soul again.

Tears flow down my cheeks
I've wept bitterly for weeks,
There can be no sleep or rest
On this tormented crest.

Kind words and cards sent
By people with good intent
Meant to comfort my heart
Only causes new pains to start.

They're sure they know how I feel,
That with time I will heal,
Some come to soothe then go home
But I'm still here--still alone.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-04-04

Song title: "My Singing Bird"

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