Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Shadows laugh at me
For behaving foolishly,
My heart lies in shards
Broken and scarred.

My first love has flown
Leaving me alone,
He has vanished away,
I die a little each day.

Crickets sing in the woods
As if they understood,
They mock me in song,
Knowing love has gone.

Beneath moonlight's glow
Winds whisper "we told you so,"
Silvery stars wink and shine
Teasing this heart of mine.

In velvety darkness I repose
Where the wild ferns grow,
Listening to sounds of the night,
Wondering why he took flight.

Why did he betray my love?
I beg of the stars above.
Why were his vows spoken?
If only to be broken.

Everyone had told me so,
That he would quickly go,
I gave my heart and soul,
He left pain and sorrow.

Now in hopeless solitude
Night sounds whisper rude,
"We warned he would go,
We told you so."

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-06-04

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-06-04

Song title: "Ayeka"

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