Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

The gentle mood music sounds
Is soothing as it surrounds
It brings a smile to scarlet lips
She touches with fingertips.

After a tender kiss good night
She lounges in candlelight
Relaxed in the flames soft glow
Wishing he didn't have to go.

Only awhile ago he was gone
Yet she feels him tho' alone,
She hears whispers in her ear,
The words "I love you" clear.

Dreamy hours flew until it's two
But flaming emotions are new
And sleeping is not in her mind,
Her thoughts are the love kind.

She sat twisting a lock of hair
Curled up in her favorite chair
Reliving this evening of bliss,
Feeling each passionate kiss.

Staring at her hand in deep thought
Entranced by the ring he'd bought
She thrilled when it sparkled bright
Glittering In the golden candlelight.

Closing her eyes she strayed away
To that wonderful time by the bay
It was a summer day she knew who
She would love her lifetime through.

The fragrance of candles filled the air
As she drifted off to sleep in the chair
Dreaming of a beautiful ceremony
Where they join in holy matrimony.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-09-10

Song title: "Polkadots"

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