Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

It's in the attic under dust of years
Unopened for decades it appears,
Sat there by one forgotten in times
Below a window where ivy climbs.

Beneath is a home filled with love
But abandoned is the chest above,
It holds the love of grandmother,
Untouched under a dusty cover.

The chest contains a woman's life,
The keepsakes of an adoring wife
And inside her Christmas sweaters
Is a stack of ribbon bound letters.

Photographs of grandchildren hide
Grandma's precious treasure inside,
Once her pleasure and enduring joy
Were the letters from a soldier boy.

Her soldier in a war over the ocean
Wrote often with romantic devotion
And she who loved him would wait
Everyday for the mail by the gate.

Young love said goodbye on the shore
Vowing their love would live evermore,
Their heartbreak began as they parted
And tribulations of being apart started.

Loneliness was punishing for the young
But their love song was yet to be sung,
The bud of love was not yet in full flower
And so they endured marking each hour.

It was the love letters she would cherish
As she prayed her love would not perish
Through the war they filled her with joy
As the bride to be waited for soldier boy.

Then one day came a knock on her door
And it was love who would leave no more,
Like a fairytale beginning they married
And over the threshold she was carried.

Many years love filled the rooms below
Seeing children and grandchildren grow,
Now all that remains is the chest above,
Filled with souvenirs and letters of love.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-29-10

Song title: "Ni Kuai Le Suo Yi Wo Kuai Le"

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