Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

She left then you arrived
After I barely survived,
I wasn't over the heartache
Then made the same mistake.

Just how many times must I
Feel like I'm going to die
Before I learn not to fall so hard
Then again become a discard.

Each time I meet someone new
That looks a lot like you,
Like a fool I let them walk in
And I fall in love again.

Over and over that's what I do
With every woman like you,
I keep falling for the same kind
That leaves me broken behind.

It seems such a long time ago
That my emotions were aglow,
I found love I knew would last
But that's all in the past.

She left and I never knew where
All I knew was dark despair
But that lesson was not learned,
Over and over I get burned.

Time and again I fall hard for her
I guess it's her punishment I prefer
Because you're here and have her way,
Another look-alike, another day.

I'll be a fool again and let love in
But it's not a game I'll ever win,
Those old emotions begin to stir
Each time I meet a woman like her.

So let the emotions go, let the love flow
You could be her twin you know,
Tell me you love me and I'll believe,
At least until you leave.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-10-10

Song title: "Never Again, Again"

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