Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I've looked for you my lifetime through,
I've waited for someone just like you,
I've wished in dreams you'd come along,
To you my dream, I will always belong.

I knew your face long before we met
A long time ago my destiny was set,
I heard the sweet sound of your voice,
In dreams of heart there is no choice.

From dreamland you came to love me
As a perfect fantasy running free,
You're a vision of beauty I already know,
I saw your beautiful smile long ago.

I know the eyes that twinkle as starlight
And the warmth of you on a cold night,
I've felt the love as we embraced in mist,
We were in love forever as we kissed.

I've looked for you in every crowded place
Hoping for a glance of your beautiful face,
The search for you was never over you see
Until I saw my dream standing before me.

Now here we are sitting at a table for two
A perfect ending to my dream come true,
One cold day as we stood in line to dine
I turned around and your eyes met mine.

The love I dreamed was only a step away
And I searched for something to say,
I saw that familiar smile and just said hello
To the woman I began dreaming of long ago.

There you were and now here we are sweetheart,
Since that autumn day we've never been apart
And holding hands across the table is natural to do,
We should not let go of a dream that came true.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-03-10

Song title: "I Miss My Melissa Tonight"

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