Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Last night was the spring dance in the park
The neighbors dog still barks in the dark,
The newspaper boy has joined the Marines
And after the storm our big oak tree leans.

The teen girl next door eloped this spring
And little Joe broke his arm on a swing,
The preacher-man came by to say hi today
And I had to tell him you've moved away.

Our street never changes much somehow
Except I hide in our home alone now,
The other side of town is where you are
But you may as well be on a distant star.

Your coat still hangs on a peg by the door,
Your work-boots are in place on the floor,
I wore one of your shirts all day yesterday
Trying to understand why you walked away.

Well, I suppose that's how it goes for some
I just thought I'd never be that someone,
That broken heart left to carry on alone
After the love of your lifetime has gone.

Remember those crickets singing at night
Long after turning off the bedroom light,
On your pillow I've waited for their song
But like you I guess they've moved along.

As you turned at the door to say goodbye
It was hopeless for me to plead and cry,
I thought my aching heart would break,
How could our love have been a mistake?

I would cry you a river if you'd just call
I'm so tired of just staring at the wall,
If you ever miss me on your side of town
I'll be waiting for you to come around.

This quaint cottage is not a home anymore
Not like when you carried me thru the door,
The white picket fence may as well be black
While I sit longing for you to come back.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-26-10

Song title: "Whenever You Come Around"

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