Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Face dewy with morning mist
I reflect on romance ending,
On this shore we first kissed,
Emotions afire blending.

It's in autumn's nipping wind
I stand to confront the gray,
Summer ebbs to a boring end
As thoughts of you fade away.

A fair weather love to you I was
An Interlude, a casual fling,
Your guise died in summer's buzz
When you left with the ring.

Autumn wind prickles my skin
As I linger at a weeping-willow
And thoughts of a new life begin
As fresh dreams lightly billow.

I hear winging geese overhead
Honking the season goodbye,
Memories of you will soon be fled
Like summer's bluer sky.

With hope I face autumn's chill
As the flier's vanish from view,
Today their flyover doesn't thrill,
I suppose I'm missing you.

I will be all right again I know
Somewhere is a love for me,
The heartache is mending slow
But a wishful spirit is free.

Summer dims as autumn grows
A pretty season has started,
Life will brighten my heart knows,
Hope favors the brokenhearted.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-14-10

Song title: "From Where I Am"

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