Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Our honeymoon is wonderful sweetheart
It's the second time vowed to never part,
The first was in the little chapel in a glen
The memory comes easy from back then.

You were beautiful as we renewed the vow
But never more beautiful than right now
Here tonight on our second honeymoon
With the stars across the heavens strewn.

We watched the sunset on the sea's crest
Just two old lovebirds completely at rest
And embraced under a full moon's glow,
Only Heaven could be grander I know.

I have said I love you so many times,
All the adoring words in little rhymes
And those long letters and cards sent,
Were expressions of love I truly meant.

I can't say I love you enough you see
You are those stars and moon to me,
You are my sunshine on a rainy day,
You complete my world in every way.

Here on the shore love flowers once more,
Kiss me sweetheart before the sea's roar,
Our story was written in the book of life,
Joined together forever as man and wife.

The circle of life is complete with you here
Strolling along on a starry night so clear
And as your lovely eyes reflect the starlight
I remember another wonderful night.

On our honeymoon we strolled like this
And lingered to share a passionate kiss
We were so happy we burst into tears
And it's still that way, after all these years.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-07-10

Song title: "Do I Love You?"

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