Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

One morning found me on the slope
Just a boy full of dreams and hope,
Climbing Blueberry Hill once more
As I had so often done before.

I claimed my secret place long ago
On an icy day sledding in snow,
I returned in spring to a willow tree
And hung a swing just for me.

As I topped the crest I heard singing
And on my old swing swinging
Was a woman pleasing to the eye,
Kicking her bare feet toward the sky.

A vision of loveliness swung to and fro
I saw poetry in motion before hello
And when at last I managed to speak,
I stuttered as my knees grew weak.

There was true fondness right away
As we took turns swinging that day,
We talked on a bright morn in June
To the rising of a silvery moon.

I was seventeen and she was older,
Wavy hair lay over her shoulder
With freckles the color of strawberries
And full lips red as cherries.

Wind in the willows seemed to play
As we warmly embraced that day
And when she kissed me on the lips
I thrilled beyond my fingertips.

After happy hours we kissed goodbye
And vowed with a tear in our eye
That we'd meet in a year at this place
And we parted with a long embrace.

That moonlit night as time stood still
I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill,
She lingers in my heart as a part of me
But our destiny was never meant to be.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-25-10

Song title: "Blueberry Hill"

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