From down Mexico way
On a fortunate day
Destiny brought you by
And I am a lucky guy.

Those deep brown eyes
So quickly hypnotized
And I was in love the day
You sashayed my way.

For the first time in life
I dream of a wife
And the joy you'll bring
With a wedding ring.

I was happy to realize
That from those eyes
Shone love for me too
As lives began anew.

So hold me not lightly
And caress me nightly,
Thrill me with your kiss
Let it be as this.

We shall forever stay
Lost in love this way,
Our two hearts' as one
Will never be undone.

Destiny has softly revealed
And our fortune is sealed
We will know joy forever
For we are together.

Our lives destiny designed,
Hearts' forever entwined,
Two dreamers' met one day
And love found it's way.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-08-11

Song title: "Jalisco"

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