Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

You will never be understood,
Sweetheart if only I could
But I could exhaust all my days
And never understand your ways.

Sweet babe you're one of a kind
Always a little ahead or behind,
Completely unequaled in the world,
A beautifully complex girl.

I've tried to know you somehow
From our beginning until now
But I would waste my entire life
Trying to unriddle you dear wife.

The way you view life is a bit kooky
And often times a little spooky
So I abandoned the notion long ago
Of realizing how your emotions flow.

Supernatural is to strong to describe
All the quirky ways you can't hide
And though I know you are not daft
I believe you dabble in witchcraft.

There is no hope of knowing you,
The beautiful girl I'm married to
But you're all that I've dreamed of,
And I do understand love.

We are as different as day and night
But loving you is a perfect delight,
Each moment is lively where you're at
With moods as many as any kitty-cat.

Though I'm married to one of a kind
And never know what's in your mind,
You bring great joy to our little world
My beautiful strange sweet girl.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-14-11

Song title: "Deep Purple"

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