Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Tired of the same hayseed lovers
I changed my girlie druthers,
I wanted to stray to the ritzy side
Into an affair with a lady of pride.

I bought a suit tailored so fine
And cut this bushy hair of mine,
Out my beard I combed the moss
And new shoes were a shiny gloss.

I shunned my old backwoods pals
And began seeking high-class gals
The dames I had only dreamed of,
I was bone-tired of redneck love.

I spied her at a gala charity event
Where yearly the well-heeled went,
She was graceful as a beauty queen,
The prettiest lady I'd ever seen.

Jitters aside I ask her for a dance
And that began a lifelong romance
The soft woman I held in my arms
Was bubbling over with charms.

She was no babe with a past shady
But a sweet-smelling highbrow lady
And as we slow-danced the night away
I knew love had came to stay.

Dawn found us in the roses walking,
In their fragrance softly talking,
Tightly embraced we shared a kiss
And I was in love with this miss.

Suddenly my dream-girl began to cry
And I pleaded she tell me why,
She said I'm here to meet a gent like you,
I am a fake from a farm on the bayou.

She was no refined lady and I no gent
But our masquerade was well spent,
Married now we're happy as can be
And she's every bit a lady to me.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-11-11

Song title: "Sweet Home Chicago"

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