Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Their devotion is extraordinary
Far above the ordinary
Outshining any known other
Was their love for one-another.

Delights to many to count
Daily the pleasures mount
Through long years of bliss,
Always it's been as this.

Through life's worst pains
Through it's tempest rains
Hand-in-hand they've came
Joined in love by their name.

They don't ever wonder how
They've made it until now,
Love is their guide through life
As husband and wife.

Before their wedding day
Love would stay this way
It was a destiny they knew
Long before saying I do.

Some love's arrive bold
Only to quickly turn cold
But their passion is aglow
To shine forever they know.

Other love's last a few seasons
Then shatter without reasons
And the wounded wonder why,
But true love doesn't die.

In their hearts is that desire
That first ignited love's fire,
The intense emotional yearning
For them is still burning.

A dream was fulfilled early in life
When they became man and wife
And bright as the gleam of a sunbeam
Eternally they'll live their dream.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-11-11

Song title: "Can't Help Falling In Love With You"

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