Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Your are gone
I bunk alone
Because of Cupid
I feel stupid.

You were trusted
My ticker busted
Because you ran
To another man.

That rotund behind
Pictured in mind
Jiggled away quick
Leaving me sick.

Teary-eyed shaking
My heart quaking
I watched you go
By headlights' glow.

Your squashy kiss
I longingly miss
And other charms
Below your arms.

On your shoulders'
Above the holders'
Your vacant head
Is brain dead.

I furnished love
Filles dream of
But airhead you
Up and blew.

All broken-hearted
My feelings parted,
Snipped they lay
In tears today.

I bear heartaches
Over your mistakes
However Flora Bell
Pampers me well.

Your cousin stays
Here most days
She eases through
Getting over you.

©Written: By Kenneth J. Ellison 08-28-11

Song title: "Texas Blues"

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