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Friendship by Kenneth J Ellison

Friendship Divide

Troubled I felt at my wits end
And I wished for a close friend,
Someone I could honestly talk to
That shared my points of view.

A friend who may not always agree
But one who would listen to me,
One who my faults would embrace
And keep a smile on their face.

Then one day my wish came true,
Along came sweet irresistible you
And I thank The Lord for that hour
Our friendship began to flower.

Surely as the seasons come and go
I knew our new love would grow,
Unlike youths bloom that has faded
Our friendship can never be jaded.

Our destiny has matched us always
Through the journey of life's days
And nothing or anyone could alter
Our love that will never falter.

Truly it was God's intent I meet you,
Surely His hand has joined we two,
What a wondrous fate we are living
And the blessing keeps on giving.

Devotion through time has entwined
An adoration into hearts and mind
From the start we viewed life as one
With a bond that cannot be undone.

Time has exposed our emotions to share
But the most brilliant flowering there
Is an abiding love blooming in our heart
And the brightness shone from the start.

Someday we'll meet in Heaven's glory
To live anew our friendship story,
I know you'll join me past the last star
Because of the earth-angel you are.

Friendship Rose Divide


©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-05-11

Song title: "Indonesian Lullaby"

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