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The Farmer's Daughter by Kenneth J Ellison

Daily it was a helter-skelter pace
A boring unglamorous rat-race,
My wilted spirit was in the dump
And I was becoming a grump.

Dawn to dark was my workaday
I desperately needed a get-away
So I chucked a bag into the car
And departed for any place far.

My spent emotions were churning,
For the rural area I was yearning
I drove deep into the countryside,
A city life I could no longer abide.

With no road ahead left to travel
The car died on a lane of gravel
I was stranded with nowhere to go
Then I heard an angel say hello.

I spun around and to my surprise
A beautiful woman filled my eyes,
A farmer's daughter saw my plight
And life changed forever that night.

By the time we crossed the vast field
Our divine destinies were sealed
We were in love before the other side
Where the angel and her daddy bide.

Our fiery love grew and a week flew
And it was time to leave I knew,
With hearts aglow we kissed goodbye
But it was not a moment to cry.

Soon I'd return to ask for her hand
And on her finger place a gold band,
I joined her daddy in the farming biz
And bought the farm across from his.

"The Farmer's Daughter"

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-4-11

Song title: "Forgive Me To Be Late"

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