Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Softly love came to the two
A rare emotion so new,
Just a teenage girl and boy,
Love wept tears of joy.

Tears of happiness were shed
As soul-mates were wed,
A honeymoon as man and wife
Began years of a shared life.

At their birth through the years
New babies caused elated tears,
As they watch their babies grow
No deeper love could they know.

Arguments caused love great pain
And bitter tears fell as rain,
Harsh words hurt a loving heart
Causing two loves to part.

Long lonely nights they yearned
Life's hard lessons were learned,
Embraced forevermore they weep,
Love this time will keep.

Fifty happy years of marriage now
They've lived their wedding vow,
They cry cutting the anniversary cake
Oh so many pictures to take.

Their children's children embrace
Streaming tears down their face
So many hugs for grandpa and ma,
Love was in it's glory for all.

Love had different reasons to cry
As the seasons of life sped by
And in their last years they knew
The sorrow filled were few.

Even the greatest of loves must part
And one will have a broken heart,
Now one lies resting under winter skies
While one places a rose and cries.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-10-12

Song title: "Longing For You"

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