Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

If only they had not met that day
But destiny led the way
And as winter had it's start,
Love engaged her lonely heart.

As the budding of a rose love grew
But the star-struck never knew
That her love would be unrequited,
Her passions alone were excited.

Tonight near winter's end she sits
Confused at the end of her wits,
Thoughts of him going are strewn
As stars around the winter moon.

She was unable to understand why
Her lover left with no goodbye,
Was there reason for losing at love?
It was all she could think of.

She had surrendered heart and soul
And for the first time felt whole,
His feelings will be a mystery always
As she faces bleak empty days.

All through this cold winter night
She sat in flickering candlelight
And as the snow was softly falling
Sweet memories she was recalling.

She could feel the caress of fingertips
His name escaped from trembling lips,
Over and again his name she'll speak
As warm tears streak her cheek.

Far into the snowy night she quietly sat
Wondering where lost love was at,
Winter's end brought an end to love
It was all she could think of.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-17-12

Song title: "Wild Roses"

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