Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

They wait for lovers to come along,
Sweethearts to carry them home,
Simple bands with no shiny stone
Wait as pairs for someone to own.

Golden rings are solitary things
No true meaning do they bring,
By themselves merely a token
Until wedding vows are spoken.

Alone they are just simple bands
Until they adorn someone's hands
Then those plain rings of gold hold
A flowering love story to be told.

With their wearing comes a pledge
For love at hopes beginning edge,
A vow of adoration from the heart
As a life's journey for mates start.

Worn on the finger of bride and groom
Their hidden beauty begins to bloom,
Each rings brilliance will forever shine
As newly married lives softly entwine.

When plain bands of gold are inscribed
With loving words by groom and bride
They become more than rings of gold,
Fresh dreams of a lifetime they hold.

A lifelong promise can't be undone
When two hearts are joined as one,
The gold bands shown on their finger
Proclaim loves glow will ever linger.

Golden rings shown coldly on a shelf
Have no true meaning by themself,
Alone they're such simple little things
For only love can make wedding rings.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-31-07

Song title: "All For Love"

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