Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Yonder out there you are
But under what star?
I'd find you if I knew,
Where did you run to?
You naughty Mamou Lou.

Oh, pretty Mamou Lou
I'm sadly missing you,
My black nights are blue,
I'm lonely since you flew,
Oh! Sweet Mamou Lou.

I gave you only true love
I swear to stars above,
But your heart is stone
And quick you were gone
Now I'm heartsick alone.

Shame on you Mamou Lou,
What evil did you do?
Your cheat 'in and lying
Left me aching and crying,
I blame you, Mamou Lou.

Hot Cajun nights are long
Where do I belong?
I'm lost on this bayou
Pining away for you,
Where are you Mamou Lou?

Dreams call your name,
What was your game?
I think I'm going insane
And you are to blame,
You did me wrong again!

Why did you do what you did?
You scolded me like a kid
Then skipped away and hid
Leaving me to wonder why
You wanted the other guy.

My beat-up old heart aches
But I'll pardon mistakes
If you promise to stay true
We can fire-up love anew,
Mamou Lou I wait for you.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-25-04

Song title: "Big Mamou"

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