Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

There's a Cajun gal I know
Where gnarly cypress grow,
Said to be wicked and mean
But the prettiest ever seen.

She has a voodoo woman way,
A vicious hellcat some say
But I long to take a chance
On a swamp girl romance.

This gorgeous sultry scamp
Is a lively Louisiana vamp,
Leering men stay well clear
Of this buxom bayou dear.

Those that know her well
Say she'll cast a hex spell,
Others spread that rumor
With a tightlipped murmur.

Her reputation is well deserved
This babe so luscious curved,
She prowls the bog by moonlight
Giving everyone fearful fright.

I know longer fear any raging
From this spell casting Cajun,
I'm tired of adoring from afar,
Tonight I seek her under stars.

Desire is greater than the fear
I want to know the little dear
I'm spellbound by her charms
And want her in my arms.

I'll find her bathed by moonlight
This cloudless star filled night
And satisfy love's longing thirst,
Unless she turns me to a frog first.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-06-04

Song title: "Allons La Lafayette "

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