Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

He never understood why
He had favor in their eye
But something about him
Always attracted them.

Drawn as moths to a flame,
Like butterflies they came,
Fluttering within his world,
Girls around him swirled.

As handsome grew older
The women grew bolder,
Wanting to change his life,
Hoping to become a wife.

Some just wanted to play
And went out of their way
Just to spend time with him,
To satisfy a lustful whim.

Others fluttered in to stay
Wanting forever and a day,
Hoping for more than a fling,
Wishing for a wedding ring.

Many women came and went
Lusty love letters they sent,
The telephone always rang,
Hopefuls whispered his name.

Light door-raps at midnight
Meant one more delight,
Another woman wants in,
Her hearts desire to win.

That curious look was always there
It followed him everywhere,
Hunger eyes did not hide intent,
He knew what the smile meant.

All his lifetime there was a flow
Of women with hearts aglow
Streaming in and out his door
With adoring nectar to pour.

Forgotten names and places,
Long forgotten pretty faces,
Where are all the women now
As old age furrows his brow.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-21-07

Song title: "To All The Girls I've Loved Before"

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