Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Good day to you my dearest friend
I have thoughts of you to lend,
You've been more in mind as of late
And matters of the heart can't wait.

My sentiments you should know,
Words I wish I'd said long ago,
I don't want another hour to pass
Without sharing with you at last.

Our friendship I truly treasure
Being your friend is a pleasure,
You fit my personality like a glove
My cherished angel from above.

There is no truer friend than you
You impart wisdom to all I do,
You soothe when things go wrong
Giving a happy end to my sad song.

When I need someone to lean on
You're only as far as the phone,
When I feel like having a good cry
You're there till the cry passes by.

We've shared laughter and cheers,
Tears of Joy and emotional cares,
Through all things year after year
It's clear I can depend on you dear.

Life would be darker without you in it
When I'm with you my world is sunlit,
Whether phoning or emailing for a chat
You are delightful wherever you're at.

Our friendship has bloomed with time
And I speak from this heart of mine,
I love you and this love thought I send,
I believe forever we'll be best friends.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-14-04

Song title: "A Word In Private"

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