Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I cried when you skinned a knee
Beneath our spreading oak tree,
You wiped away that childish tear
When we were kids playing here.

Where the rope swing once hung
Shyly we met when very young,
Just wide-eyed children were we
When we fell in love at our tree.

With the song of the meadowlark
I carved two hearts into it's bark,
Symbols of our never-ending love
Beneath the nesting turtledove.

On an autumn morn veiled by mist
We warmly embraced and kissed,
Our first kiss seems only yesterday,
Neath the tree where we used to play.

Shaded in the shadow of the leafy tree
On my knee I asked you to marry me,
That warm day I'll remember all my life,
The moment you said you'd be my wife.

Ribbons and bows adorned the old oak
As forever marriage vows we spoke,
On a beautiful Sunny day we were wed
Beneath graced branches that spread.

We made our home in a floral meadow,
It lies within the oak's swaying shadow,
I strung up a new rope swing that year
When our first baby arrived here.

We rested and watched our children play
Beneath our tree most every day,
Through years of happiness it has stood
For everything in life that's good.

We've grown gracefully together dear
Through the years we've lived here
Until now just two old lovebirds are we
Watching grandchildren under our tree.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-02-08

Song title: "PS I Love You"

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